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Chiltern Park Weather Page

Wind Direction

Note that the arrow shows the direction the wind is blowing towards, so, for example, it points south for a northerly wind.

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Latest Chiltern Park Readings

Last updated at 13:20 on 23 August 2019 local time. (12:20 UTC).

This data is more than two hours old - use with care

Wind speed: 4.3 kt, gusting to 10.4 kt.
Direction: 172°, ranging from 108° to 228°.
Temperature: 23.0°C. Rising.
Humidity: 67%. Dewpoint: 16.5°C.
Sea level pressure (QNH): 1013 mb. Falling.
Altimeter pressure (QFE): 1007 mb.
Rainfall so far today: 0.0 mm.
Cloudbase (calculated): 2642 ft.

Readings are updated every ten minutes.
The weather station is located at N 51° 33' 08", W 01° 06' 02" (WGS84).

Latest METAR from RAF Benson

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Aviation Forecasts and Other Weather Information

TAF from RAF Benson:
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TAF from RAF Brize Norton:
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TAF from London Heathrow:
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Other weather links from the Met Office (These open in new tabs or windows):

RAF Benson public forecast
RAF Benson recent observations
Chiltern Park weather readings are from a Davis Vantage Vue weather station. The data are processed and uploaded by Cumulus software.

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