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Dynamic WT9

Technical Specifications
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YLAC and the Dynamic are set to revolutionise the UK GA sector. With fighter-like performance and yet microlight running costs, the Dynamic will be a very attractive alternative to owners and pilots of existing old ‘Group A’ types, whilst redefining the very limited existing microlight market.

Conceived in 1996, the Dynamic has been in serial production since 2000, and by 2005 almost 100 were flying in more than 19 countries around the world, including France, Germany, the Netherlands, the USA, Canada, South Africa and New Zealand. The use of advanced construction techniques and state-of-the-art materials mean that the Dynamic's weight has been kept very low, with the baseline UK variant weighing in at an astonishing 259kg. YLAC is currently progressing the Type Approval of the Dynamic with the UK CAA, with award scheduled for 1st September 2006. Since launching for sale in the UK at the Fly! London Airshow on April 8th 2005, 12 UK customers have reserved delivery slots for 2006/07.

  • Wing span 9.0 m (29'6")
  • Length 6.4 m (21')
  • Height 2.0 m (6'7")
  • Wheel spacing 2.27m (7'5")
  • Wheel base 1.4m (4'7")
  • Wing area 10.3 sq. m (111 sq. ft.)
  • Wing loading at MTOW 43.7kg/sq. m (9.0lb/sq. ft)
  • Empty weight 259.0 kg (560lbs)
  • Max. take off weight (MTOW) 450 kg (992lbs)
  • Fuel capacity 75l (16.5 imp gal)


  • Stall speed 32kts (37mph; 60 km/h)
  • Max speed with flaps extended (Vfe) 73kts (84mph; 135 km/h)
  • Cruising speed (Vc) 119kts (137mph; 220 km/h)
  • Manoeuvring speed (Va) 87kts (100mph; 160 km/h)
  • Never exceed speed (Vne) 146kts (168mph; 270 km/h)
  • Rate of climb 1380ft/min (7.0 m/s)
  • Range 648nm (745m; 1200km)

For full details about the Dynamic, click here

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