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Airfield Info

Weekend Activities

Skydiving starts 5th March 2016

Wing Walking starts May 2016


PPR: Please Call 07739 802010

Chiltern Park Radio 134:025Mhz 

Glider Pilots, we are happy to see you but Please, Please use the radio!                

After landing ALL Receational aircraft are to back track the runway and park under the tree line at the northern end near windsock. On skydive weekends please park in the 'B' Bravo parking area along fence line.

Position N51°33.0 W001°06.1
Altitude 180 ft AMSL

04L/H 22R/H 420m              15RH/33LH 500m(R)


04/22 has a 350m overshute (R)                                

Status Grass      (R) =Restricted to 28 days P/Year                       

700ft QFE to the west  for 04/22 & to the south for 15/33

Please note that subject to wind direction curcuits may be to the east on parachute days 


Circuit Instructions

Please note; Down wind or Overhead joins only. 


The airfield is situated 3½ NM south of  RAF Benson and is within the MATZ. it is advisable to call  zone frequency 120:90Mhz 5 miles out. After making contact you can then request a change to 'Chiltern Park Radio' Benson ATC may ask you to 'report airfield in sight' before releasing you.  
NB if Benson fixed-wing traffic are using R/W 01 expect A/C to overfly close by CPK at any height

Operational Hrs Monday to Saturday : dawn to dusk, Sunday: 0900 hrs to dusk
 Radio A/G  'Chiltern Park Radio' 134:025Mhz  ( blind calls may be used to 'Chiltern Traffic' if no returns)
Location Oxford 13 miles to N/W, Reading 7 miles to S/E, Main road 500m, A4074
Nearest Town Wallingford 4 miles, Local Taxi: Murdock's 01491 875875
Landing Fees

 All visiting aircraft including Gliders £10.00. ( includes recovery tug for gliders )

Site operator

Chiltern Airsports Ltd
The Control Tower
Chiltern Park Aerodrome
OX10 6AS

Tel : 01491 875200 (office hours)

Aerodrome Manager & PPR
Drop Zone Manager

Dennis Pearson Tel : 07739 802010 

Martin Harris       Tel: 07817 216363

CFI Hal Colliver FI    Tel: 07796 172963
Aerodrome Plate
New Plate Coming Soon
Aerodrome Photo  

New Photo Coming Soon


Chiltern Park Aerodrome plate (pdf file)

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