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Posted by: Dennis Pearson - 13/05/10 @ 9:19AM
Congratulations to Phil Wallis for passing his GST (R) yesturday, Phill hopes to get his Navigation exercises completed next week for a full unrestricted licence, well done Phil.
Posted by: Dennis Pearson - 25/04/10 @ 11:07PM
Our next club night is on Tuesday 27th April 7:30 at the Four Horse Shoes, Checkendon

CAA allows training from unlicensed airfields

Fri 19 Feb 2010

The CAA has announced that, subject to a change to the Air Navigation Order (ANO) planned for Spring 2010, flying training will be allowed to take place at unlicensed aerodromes.

As Chiltern Air Park is already a CAA FTO [flight training organisation] and has applied for RTO [registered training organisation] status, they will be at the forefront of training on modern low noise compasite Rotax engined sport aircraft.

Once the change to the ANO has been made by the Department for Transport, flight training at unlicensed airfields will be possible for fixed-wing aircraft up to 2,730kg Maximum Take-Off Mass (MTOM) and Helicopters and Gyroplanes up to 3,175kg MTOM.
The responsibility for ensuring an airfield is fit for training will be taken on by flying instructors and aerodrome operators. To assist them the CAA will be revising its document, CAP428 Safety Standards at Unlicensed Aerodromes, to include guidance on how to assess whether an airfield is suitable for training.
The decision follows a recommendation from the UK General Aviation community, a full public consultation in April 2008, and an analysis of the safety record of flight training in the UK. This concluded that there was no justifiable safety case to require flight training to be undertaken from a licensed airfield.
A further legal change will amend Rule 5 of the Rules of the Air to allow the practising of approaches to landing at an unlicensed aerodrome being used for training, as practise approaches are not currently allowed at unlicensed aerodromes.
Ray Elgy, Head of Licensing and Training Standards at the CAA’s Safety Regulation Group, said: “I’m pleased that we’ve been able to agree a change to the ANO to allow flight training at unlicensed airfields. All the safety data and evidence suggests that there is no justifiable case to require a licensed aerodrome for this task.
“This is a good example of the CAA following the principles of better regulation. We responded to a request from industry and, once we were content that safety levels could be maintained, removed a piece of regulation.”
Once the Government completes the change the CAA will issue notification to the GA community. 

For further information on JAR/PPL, NPPL [A] & [M] training, contact our CFI Gareth Aggett on:07977217250

Posted by: Dennis Pearson - 12/02/10 @ 6:05AM
Our next Club night is on Tuesday 23rd  7.30 for 8.00pm
The venue: The Four Horse Shoes, Checkendon, RG8 0QS
Tel: 01491 680325
All new & past members welcome.

For directions call Dennis on: 07739 802010
Posted by: Dennis Pearson - 11/02/10 @ 10:45PM
Congratulations are in order for Peter Newman, our first AFI student.
On Thursday Peter completed his flight test exam with Fiona Luckhurst at Old Sarum.
Peter has spent the past few months with Gareth at Chiltern and completed the course in record time, so well done Peter and lets hope you are the first of many successful AFI passes.
Posted by: Dennis Pearson - 04/01/10 @ 9:35AM
Secure hangarage & tie-downs are now available for most Microlioghts & GA aircraft, low wing up to 30ft span & high wing up to 45ft span.
Tie-down area is secure floodlit with hard standing.
Available from £150 p/m + membership.

Call Dennis on 07739 802010
Posted by: Dennis Pearson - 26/12/09 @ 9:45AM
To reflect our true identity, we are changing names,.
As of 1st January 2010 we will be known as CHILTERN AIR PARK
Posted by: Dennis Pearson - 02/12/09 @ 10:36PM
We have what is believed to be the UK's only second hand WT9 for sale at £59995.00 inc vat,  thats a massive saving on the new price and with no new Dynamic's approved for sale in the UK at present, it is the only one available right now!

For further details or a test flight in our WT9 (subject to conditions)
Call me today as this aircraft won't be for sale for long.
Tel: 07739 802010
Dennis                                         SORRY ITS SOLD. ANOTHER COMING SOON
Dynamic WT9
Our Aircraft
Posted by: Dennis Pearson - 24/11/09 @ 9:21AM
We have now received our CAA FTO certificate for Assistant Flying Instructors (AFI fixed wing Microlights).
Course No:1/09 starts in 10 days time, for further details see the 'AFI Training' Page or contact our CFI Gareth Aggett on 07977217250
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