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Flying Lesson Vouchers, Microlight and Airplane Flying Lessons and Flying Lesson Gift Experiences from Chiltern Airsports

Who are we?

Chiltern Airsports is a flying training school located on the gentle south western slopes of the Chiltern Hills between Reading and Oxford. We have developed a reputation for providing flying lesson vouchers, microlight and airplane flying lessons and flying lesson gift experiences. We operate our own grass airfield and keep the aircraft in our hangar, the airfield is known as Chiltern Park Aerodrome.

Within our comfortable split level air conditioned clubhouse are attractive spacious classrooms and there is a sunny viewing deck outside. Open all year we will often fly till sunset enjoying long summer evenings in the air.

For more information on our flying lesson vouchers, microlight and airplane flying lessons and flying lesson gift experiences please Contact Us


Posted by: Dennis Pearson - 31/08/15 @ 9:34PM
After nearly 4 years of investigations by our local council which culminated in 4 planning enforcement reports, the council have accepted that Chiltern Park is not breaching any planning laws and that there has been no material change to our operations that need planning permission.
To reinforce this, the council have also granted us two...

Posted by: Dennis Pearson - 19/05/15 @ 8:17AM
 Congratulations to Bob Thorpe and Ian Jalowiecki on passing their GST with flying colours.

Posted by: Dennis Pearson - 20/12/14 @ 4:54PM
 Congratulations to John Mayer on passing his GST on the Ikarus C42, well done John and welcome to the club.

New C42 arrives
Posted by: Dennis Pearson - 12/12/14 @ 8:34AM
At long last G-CILY the first of two new C42 training aircraft has arrived at Chiltern Park,after several aborted atempts due to bad weather to ferry the aircraft from the factory at Halfpenny Green Airfield, she touched down at 14:45 on Wednesday 11th December.  
Already, 8 out of the 10 shares have been allocated to member...

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